Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Dear Familia,

As Zane will definitely confirm, I am obsessed with blogs. I follow at least 50 on my google reader (future post?). I am going to work on creating links to my favorites on a sidebar, but for now I am going to do some random posts on some of the best blogs out there. First up, Oh Happy Day!. This blog just got a new redesign that is very pretty, but it's been on my reader since I started with the whole blog thing in 2009ish. Jordan, the blog creator, does so many fun DIY projects and right now she and her family are living abroad for a year! Here are some links to a few great posts:

AND Jordan is doing a Paris giveaway:

So ya, check it out, see what you think! Hopefully I can do a few more this week.


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