Sunday, June 23, 2013

Recap: Pop Castle

Dear Familia,

Spending the week at Pop Castle was amazing! We had so much spending time together, but also had the space to chill out on our own before getting stuffed into the studio in DC ;) We arrived on Monday June 3rd and stayed until Sunday June 9th. We definitely didn't get to everything on our to-do list, but we managed to get to quite a bit.

When we arrived it was raining and I thought we would spend most of our time chilling out in the house. I was wrong. Even before we had taken the bags in and explored the house, the kids jumped right into the river in their clothes!

View from the back porch to the river...amazing. 

Close up of the Osprey Nest! (You can kinda see it on the left in the last pic)

After we headed inside to dry off all the kids picked their rooms. They girls loved that they got their own room, but we of course all ended up in the same rooms most nights. The house is so big that having your own room actually makes you feel very isolated, especially at night! It was nice for them to have their own space though.

Madi's Room. Zane's Dad made that dollhouse by hand!

Rudy and Johnny's room. Ended up being the main sleeping room. Haha. 

Kiki's room. One of the best wake-up views in the house. 

Zane and I slept in the master bedroom. Notice the clown that had to be removed from one of the kid's rooms. They were terrified!

Abbi's room. She made it feel like home by putting up One Direction posters!

Our main eating area. Love the rustic table. 

All of the kids said that they wanted to go back next year. Hopefully we can make a tradition out of it! Stay tuned for posts on what we did all week.



  1. This house is ammmmaaaazzing. We need to plan a trip for sure.

    1. Yes! For sure. The kids already said this needs to be a yearly thing. It's an incredible house and there is plenty of room for everyone.